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Mobile version released!!!
LazerGrrl Lite is now on mobile!! Its 100% free, no ads or anything. It also features cross-play between all versions: Android, iOS, desktop, browser...
Update! better splosions!!
* This free version of LazerGrrl is now compatible with the latest full version of the game.. Full version and free version players can play each other via the...
Small update to full version + play sesh on the Discord today.
Small update today to the early access full version of LazerGrrl * A better control option for block rotation. * Can destroy held block if trapped. ( just try...
Big Update: Bigger Lazers + Lazer Rotation + way more!
Big update to the early access full version of LazerGrrl today! Also we will be increasing its price soon, so now is a good time to buy! Rotatable lazers. Rotat...
Update to LazerGrrl lite.
There has been a small update to the free WebGL version of the game, LazerGrrl Lite. Now there is a news feed in the main menu. The latest LazerGrrl community n...
LazerGrrl has a Map Editor now!!
Giant Update! The early access full version of LazerGrrl now has a map Editor!! also.. * Maps can be any size / sh...
Featured Replay #1
You can now submit a LazerGrrl replay file on our Discord . The best one every couple of weeks will be posted on all our social media. This one features some t...
Replays added to full version
I did a small update to the LazerGrrl early access full version. Any custom online games you play will be recorded, and you can watch them. I also want ye to se...