Multi-Multiplayer update!!!

I released a major update today, to the early access full version of LazerGrrl  with the following new features...

* Custom games can have as many players or spectators as you want
* New game lobby for custom games
* Lobby has chat window
* In lobby, game host can drag players to a team, or to spectator position, or kick them
* Procedural maps can previewed be in the lobby, and new one generated by clicking the procedural map button
* After a match everyone returns to the lobby, and game settings persist.
* If the host leaves the game, another player becomes the host.
* You can note your account name and password and also switch accounts if on a new machine for example.

Many of these new features are not fully complete or at all polished yet, but I really wanted to get them into ye're hands as soon as possible.
You can expect more updates in the next week or two. The features I am planning on doing next are..

* Have multiple local players in online games.
* Add some bigger maps

Then I will work on the next big feature which is the map editor.

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