Many players progress: Spectators + moving / swapping players spawns

Here is the latest dev progress on full version of LazerGrrl

Here you can see me running 6 instances of LazerGrrl!! The Editor and 5 copies of a build. I set up a match with 2 teams of 2 + 2 spectators. New features u can see..

1. Host can move players around to different spawn positions with mouse.

2. Host can set players to be spectators by dragging them to any spot that isnt a spawn position.

3. Host can swap two players spawn positions, by dragging one on top of other.

4. After round in over, when you go back to lobby, all match setting have persisted.

5. When all non-spectators have said "I'm ready" then round begins.. So you can have new rounds just as quickly as currently. The "I'm ready" button is selected by default in the when the lobby opens. So just pressing enter when lobby opens will set you to ready.

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