Full version available in early access

So we ran a successful KickStarter for a greatly expanded version of LazerGrrl.

We're building it right now. The KickStarter backers already have access to it on Steam, but now anyone can buy it in early access here on Itch, and get the new features as soon we make them.

These are features that got backed by our KickStarter...

  •     More maps    
  •     4 player, 8 player etc,
  •     Player made maps 
  •     Customise match with many different gameplay options. 
  •     Spectate matches  
  •     Save a and share replays
  •     Built in tournament mode  
  •     Ladder ranking system and leaderboards  
  •     Character customization  
  •     Emotes  
  •     Social features
  •     Desktop builds

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