Big update

Big update!

So I've been working on the new maps for LazerGrrl Extra. The KickStarter backers have just gotten access to the new levels in this update vis Steam. But I am also updating this free version with various improvements.

Very soon we will be making LazerGrrl Extra available to buy in early access, so everyone who wants will be able to get access to the new features as I build them.

Heres the list of all the changes...



* Added new 'super' level with super and ultra power nodes and super walls
* Can play different maps in local
* Added 'random' map that will choose a random map for each round.
* Added procedural map with various options.

* Can Spectate 'Extra' games with new levels


* new 8 button control scheme

* quit match menu.. when press esc, can choose quit match, or forfeit round
* reset controls to default option
* mouse highlights things in menus
* Neutral block have explosion cloud

* Stricter checks for whether u are up to date before online play is allowed
* Minimum movement time increased to 0.15 ..

* Minimum movement time value is stored in the server now
* player details fixed for spectator in win/lose and vs screen

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