More controls options!

I have done even more on the controls.

I really like the new 'pokemon' scheme. I'm hoping it will be intuitive for new players.

Also in general I hope everyone will be able to find a control scheme that suits them from all the options available.


* new 'pokemon' control scheme.
* 'pokemon' control scheme is now default.
* new analog control scheme.
* min movement time for all schames is now 0.13 seconds
* only relevant options appear in 'variables' panel in control menu, depending on what control scheme you have selected.
* option added for pokemon control scheme: stop if reverse
* option added for 6 button control scheme: invert hold button
* d-pad now works like keys (as opposed to analog stick)
* Controls now work identically in menus as in game, so gamepads work fully, and different keybinds will take effect.
* optimised netcode packets for moving and turning

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