4 player 8 player etc Progress

Here you can see some progress on more than two players per match.

I started a match with 4 players.

Also you can see the new lobby / matchmaking system in progress

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I am a big fan of this game, but i have a question. When the game gets a full release, will it be  free and will it be available for consoles?

Thanks Zekan!

The full version will not be free.

Its currently available here (in early access) and when its complete we'll release on Steam for Windows, Mac and Linux.

If you have the full version can still play people with the free version though (but only 1v1 on the default map)

The current early access price [$6] will also increase as the game get more features added, and approaches completion.

We'd really like to release on Nintendo Switch, but we dont have anything planned for that yet. Probably we'll see how the Steam release goes 1st.

Wow. Thanks for not ignoring fans like others.

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And for this awesome game.

Np :) Definitely check out our Discord... You'll be able to chat to me + see the daily progress on development.

Also its a nice little community and we have tournaments.