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The fury of Bomberman with the strategic depth of an RTS · By Sandwich_Generation


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Small update + play sesh on the Discord today!
Small update today * A better control option for block rotation. * Can destroy held block if trapped. ( just try to place it 4 times) * Button that opens replay...
Big Update: Bigger Lazers + Lazer Rotation + way more!
Big update today! Rotatable lazers. Rotatable lazers really opens up the possibilities for map layouts. Big Lazers! you can now build Lazers bigger than 2 long!...
LazerGrrl now has a Map Editor!!!
Giant Update! LazerGrrl now has a map Editor!! also.. * Maps can be any size / shape now. * Lobby improvements and bugfixes. * Team colours improved for clarity...
Featured Replay #1
You can now submit a LazerGrrl replay file on our Discord . The best one every couple of weeks will be posted on all our social media. This one features some t...
I did a small update just now. Any custom online games you play will be recorded. You can also watch the recordings in Options\Replays. I also want ye to send m...
Multi-Multiplayer Update!!!
I released a major update today, with the following new features... * Custom games can have as many players or spectators as you want * New game lobby for custo...
First ever 2v2 match!
Here is a video of the first online testmatch of 2v2 Got some news... 1. There was a big delay. I basically didnt get any work done for over a month for various...
Multi-multiplayer progress
Here you can see me running 6 instances of LazerGrrl!! The Editor and 5 copies of a build. I set up a match with 2 teams of 2 + 2 spectators. New features u can...